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 Home > Butterflies & moths has a library comprising over 20,000 images illustrating in excess of 1,500 British and European butterfly and moth species. Photographs from this comprehensive collection are regularly published in books, journals and and other publications for a wide range of publishers, including:

  Jeff is also experienced in providing illustrated talks about butterflies and moths, as well as other subjects for groups of all sizes and backgrounds.

Jeff regularly leads 'hands on' evening moth trapping sessions for the RSPB in Suffolk and can be contacted about leading similar events in the UK for other organisations, or privately, catering for all ages and interests.

Contact for more information on any of these items.

Brown Argus Butterfly
Brown Argus Butterfly, Suffolk
Marbled White butterflies
Marbled White Butterflies mating, Bedfordshire

Scarlet Tiger Moth Scarlet Tiger Moth, Hampshire
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